12 pcs Bird Repellent Wind Twisting Scare Rods Reflective Spiral 30cm Long

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12pcs Bird Deterrent Rods Reflective Bird Repellent Wind Twisting Deterrent Rods for Scaring and Repelling Birds.
Effectively combines varying wind-motion with multiple angles of refraction points to confuse unwanted birds. Looks better than pigeon spikes!
Minimalist and simplistic design pairs well with any exterior home and garden decor.
Easily create your anti-bird zone and keep unwanted pests at bay from your home, garden, balcony, fruit trees, automobiles,
Non-toxic and the humane way to scare birds; made from innocuous material.
Easy to hang, take down, and transfer to your next bird-free zone.



Brand new

Colour: Silver

Length: approx. 30cm


Package Included:
12 pcs Bird Repellent Wind Twisting