120/240X 4WD Copper Cable Lugs Crimper Connector Kits Battery Terminal

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Tin Plated Pure Copper, 120Pcs cable lug ring connectors, including SC6-6, SC6-8, SC10-6, SC10-8, SC16-6, SC16-8, SC25-6, SC25-8, SC35-8, SC35-10,SC50-8,SC50-10,SC50-12
High Electrolytic Grade Copper Terminals High corrosion resistance and Comply with International standard ,Cable lugs can be crimped or soldered, flared opening for easy wire insertion
The lug design and features a flared and chamfered barrel to facilitate cable insertion.
Copper lugs are suitable for the connection of conductors supplying electrical equipment. These lugs are professionally manufactured by a long standing supplier of the telecom, shipbuilding and street-lighting industries.
Working temperature is -55 to 100 Degrees Celsius and are suitable for applications in the Australian Climate.

Brand new
Color: silver
Material: Tin Plated Copper
Model: SC6-6~SC50-12
Size: 6mm²/10mm²/16mm²/25mm²/35mm²/50mm²
Mount Hole: 6 mm/8 mm/10 mm/12mm
Quantity: 120/240 Pcs

Package Included:
5/10 x SC16-8 Cable Lugs
5/10 x SC16-10 Cable Lugs
5/10 x SC25-8 Cable Lugs
5/10 x SC25-10 Cable Lugs
3/6 x SC35-8 Cable Lugs
3/6 x SC35-10 Cable Lugs
3/6 x SC50-8 Cable Lugs
3/6 x SC50-10 Cable Lugs
3/6 x SC50-12 Cable Lugs
35/70 x SC6-6 Cable Lugs
20/40x SC6-8 Cable Lugs
15/30 x SC10-6 Cable Lugs
15/30 x SC10-8 Cable Lugs
1/2 X Box