Training Pads Holder /& 50pcs Puppy Pet Dog Indoor Cat Toilet Training Pads Set

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Training Pads:
-High quality soft non-woven fabric
-Super absorbent pet pad
-Antibacterial protection
-Leak proof bottom layer
-Neutralises odours
-Large coverage in 60×60cm
-Adhestive tabs hold pad in place
-Easy disposal
Pad Holder:
  • Designed to hold training pads, it offers dogs a safe and mess-free place to eliminate when you’re not at home.
  • Snap-in frame holds doggy pads firmly into place and prevents dogs from chewing the pads.
  • Perfect for training new puppies or for senior dogs that struggle with bladder control.
  • Offers maximum floor protection from moisture when used with a pad. Can be used on top of any floor surface.
    Package Included:
    • 1Pcs  Pad Holder 60X60cm 
    • 50Pcs Pet Training Pads 60X60cm (Blue)
    • 1Pcs  Pad Holder 60X60cm