10x Water Nipple Valves Auto Drinker Waterer Feeder Poultry Chicken Duck Bird

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  • 1 nipple can cater to 2-3 birds
  • Screw in, screw size 11/32 to 5/16
  • Each unit has a 360 degree stainless steel nipple head that will work from any angle
  • Removable and easy cleaning
  • Great functionality, many professional poultry farms use this product



  • Use 11/32 or 5/6 drill to make a hole on PVC pipe or any other container
  • Screw the nipple into the hole
  • Fill pipe or container with water
  • Water nipple works under low pressure. Please do not connect directly to a garden hose.
  • Show your chickens how to use the nipple by tapping the nipple with your finger
  • While they are learning how to use the nipples, please pay attention to all birds to make sure they are not dehydrated.


Package Included:

  • 10x nipples