5x Resistance Bands Set HIP CIRCLE Glute Non Slip Latex Squat Gym Exercise Loop

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Environmental And Safe
Resistance bands are made from natural latex. Resistance bands strength training has no rubber odor.
Satisfying Different Demand
Our ultra-light and light fitness bands are ideal for beginners, and medium, heavy and extra heavy training bands are perfect for advanced strength training.
Daily Training
This resistance band set can be integrated with all popular training programs such as yoga, Pilates, etc.The exercise band can be used for general exercises, stretching exercises and strength training.
Scope Of Application
Physiotherapists use this physiotherapy belt to recover patients. Resistance band is suitable for people suffering from leg, knee and back injuries and helps to recover from knee replacement.
Type: Resistance Band
Quantity: 5pcs
Material: Latex
Green Size:
600*50*0.35mm/23.58*1.97*0.01inch, pull value 5 ~ 10lbs
Blue Size:
600*50*0.5 mm/23.58*1.97*0.02inch, pull value 10 ~ 15lbs
Yellow Size:
600*50*0.7 mm/23.58*1.97*0.03inch, pull value 15 ~ 20lbs
Red Size:
​600*50*1 mm/23.58*1.97*0.04inch, pull value 20 ~ 25lbs
Black Size:
600*50*1.2 mm/23.58*1.97*0.04inch, pull value 25 ~ 30lbs
5 * Resistance Bands
1 * Carrying Bag