Car Key Signal Blocker Fob Case Entry Keyless Pouch Guard Bags Cage

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*When the mobile phone is placed in the outer layer, it can reduce part of the radiation of mobile phones and does not affect the phone call and text message 

*When the mobile phone is placed in the inner layer and covered, it not only can prevent the electromagnetic radiation of the mobile phone to protect human health, but also can block the mobile phone signal, so that the mobile phone is in a "sleep" state, the outsiders can't get through, avoiding the shackles of not answering the phone, and preventing harassment 

*Our commonly used keyless starter car, when the car key is placed in the shielding bag after parking, the key signal has been blocked, so that we can safely leave the car, and don't worry about the thieves using high-tech means to steal the car




*Material: Polyurethane

*Style: Carbon fiber pattern

*Color: Black (As Pictures Show)

*Size: 125*80*10mm/4.92*3.15*0.39" (Approx.)


Package Contents:


1*Remote Key Cover