150W Professional Photography Lighting Photography Studio Lighting Light Bulbs B

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.Long life: the service life of the lamp 1W hour is 60 times the existing heat lamps.
2.Low temperature: tube surface temperature is low, the irradiated object almost warming.
3.Small power: heat light energy saving 80%.
3.Color temperature: high degree of color reduction, light color index 90%.
4.Soft light, soft light, no flicker, no noise, no radiation, no strong glare 5.phenomenon, so that the illuminated staff comfortable and relaxed.
6.The lamp body is made of high quality PBT material, the lamp body double sandwich structure, components for professional mold making, strong, beautiful, ventilation and heat dissipation performance is good.
7.The lamp holder is a quick locking device, convenient disassembly and high quality brass tube, an excuse, good conductivity, spark discharge, high temperature resistant.
8As the light body surface by high temperature powder spraying, not reflective. Strong adhesion, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, anti scratch.
9.No harm to eye blue, the lamp can effectively alleviate the glasses sour.

Product Information
1.Watt:150W available for your selection
2.Dimensions: 3.07 x 10.23in/78 x 260mm

Package List: Daylight Balanced Bulb x 1
Tolerance: Manual measurement, within 0.39-0.79in/1-2cm deviation.