Strong HD Twin Tuner 500gb DVR AV Input & RS232 SRT7014
Strong HD Twin Tuner 500gb DVR AV Input & RS232 SRT7014

Strong HD Twin Tuner 500gb DVR AV Input & RS232 SRT7014

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STRONG DVRs changed the world of TV, with the SRT7000, now we have re released this ever popular model, along with a few changes.

The SRT7014 offers the usual DVR features; 500GB HardDrive, Twin Tuners, Multimedia playback, it also supports a Component & Composite AV Input to record from external devices; such as Camcorder, CD, DVD, Pay TV and game consoles.

Access to the internet allows full web browsing, social media and live video streaming, there is also Smart Phone connectivity - you can turn your smart phone into a remote

You can share photos, video and music between your phone, iPad(or other tablet), PC and DVR.

It also offers streaming to DLNA enabled devices.

It comes with a wireless dongle for Wifi connection or you can run ethernet cable.

You can even add a wireless keyboard and mouse (not supplied).

But back to the TV; the SRT7014 features Smart Series Record, you can record every episode of your favourite TV program in simple steps, you don't even need the internet connection for this feature.

The Twin Tuners allow you to record up to 3 programs while watching a 4th (from 2 networks) or a pre-recorded program.

Key features

  • Access the latest Digital Channels
  • Live video streaming with iPhone/iPod/iPad &Android Devices.
  • Record up to 500 hours of content
  • Record three, while watching a fourth
  • Smart Series Record
  • Internet Browser and Social Media
  • Smart Phone Connectivity & Streaming to DLNAdevices
  • Pause & Rewind Live TV
  • Access all available Digital Channels
  • 7 Day Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • Chase Play, Editing, Book Marks and Ad skippingoptions
  • Multiple Outputs; HDMI, Component & Composite
  • Digital Audio Output
  • Multimedia Playback - File types include; MP3, JPEG, MKV, WMV, VOB, MOV, AVI, DivX and many more.
  • Picture in Picture Mode (PIP)
  • RS-232
  • Closed Captions text for the hearing impaired, Record & Playback
  • AV Input - to record from external devices such as; VHS, Camcorder, Game Consoles, CD/DVD and music. Please note files are recorded as .TS Format as Digital files in Standard Definition. Visit the Product Tutorial for more information.
  • NEW - signal strength meter on info bar
  • NEW - Delete multiple files from file list

* Internet connection is required, may incur data usage charges